Trevor Kern

Business Name: Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors
Business Structure: S-Corp
Number of Employees: 4
Year Founded: 2007
Services Offered: Financial planning and investment advice

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
11335 Gold Express Drive, Ste. 155, Gold River, CA
Office: 916-436-8270
Mobile: 916-425-8419
Email Address:

Business Category
o  Wealth Management

Social Media

o  LinkedIn: Trevor Kern

Geographic Region Served
o  Sacramento Region
o  Northern California
o  Western US
o  National

Industry Sectors Served
o  Agriculture/Viticulture
o  Construction
o  Energy
o  Food and Beverage
o  Healthcare
o  Hospitality
o  Manufacturing
o  Professional Services
o  Real Estate
o  Retail


What led you to do the work you do? For me it’s all about creating financial security. I watched my parents struggle to save for retirement and my goal is to help others prepare.

Describe your ideal client: I like to work with people who are nice, goal oriented and coachable.

What situation or circumstances might lead a prospective client to your services?  Someone looking to create a plan for retirement or make sure they are on track.

What’s the best way for colleagues to refer prospective clients to you? Personalized introduction via email, phone, or in person.

How does a typical engagement begin?  With a conversation to explore the clients needs.

What services might a typical engagement include?  Financial planning, investment advice, retirement plan design, insurance analysis.

What might you be doing if you hadn’t pursued this career? Building custom homes.

What about your work gives you greatest satisfaction? Helping people achieve their goals.

What might your colleagues be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a cowboy at heart.

What do you enjoy doing most when you’re not serving your clients?  Spending time with my family and friends, traveling, hunting, fishing, hiking, building stuff.