Allison De Tal

Business Name: Best Best & Krieger LLP
Business Category: Legal
Business Structure: Law Firm
Number of Employees: Approx 200 Attorneys
Year Founded: 1891
Services Offered: Broad based tax and employee benefits advisor. Focusing on tax controversy.

Mailing Address: 500 Capitol Mall, Suite 1700; Sacramento, CA 95818
Telephone: Office 916-551-2846 | Mobile 916-628-1105
Email Address:

Social Media Handles

  • LinkedIn: Allison M. De Tal

Geographic Region Served

  • Sacramento Region
  • Northern California

Industry Sectors Served

  • Other: I represent clients across industries with tax and employee benefits matters.


What led you to do the work you do?

I was required to take a tax class in order to graduate from law school. I really didn’t want to take it, so I took it as early as possible. I ended up liking it and just kept taking more and more tax courses after I realized that tax is one of the few areas of law that affects all people and businesses.

Describe your ideal client:

A client with a federal or state tax controversy that can be resolved during audit or the administrative stage of the process.

What situation or circumstances might lead a prospective client to your services?

Clients that have received a letter from the IRS that indicates they owe taxes and are threatened with a lien or levy. I also enjoy working with collaborative clients that are looking to implement or correct employee benefits plans (e.g., HRA or cafeteria plan).

What’s the best way for colleagues to refer prospective clients to you?

A phone call to discus sthe potential client’s issue to see if my services would be a good fit for their needs.

How does a typical engagement begin?

My work typically comes from internal referrals from colleagues at my firm.

What services might a typical engagement include?

I regularly assist clients with federal and state tax controversy matters during the administrative phase. I also help review and draft employee benefits plans.

What might you be doing if you hadn’t pursued this career?

My favorite job in college was working at a small juice bar, so I might have owned a juice bar.

What about your work gives you greatest satisfaction?

Helping my clients achieve their goals.

What might your colleagues be surprised to learn about you?

I took Swedish in college and lived there for a summer.

What do you enjoy doing most when you’re not serving your clients? 

Listening to podcasts, running, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with my dog.